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In an effort to help during these difficult times, Contractor Safety Data is providing our services for the duration of this national crisis, completely free.  CSD provides a great array of information tracking and sharing tools for contractors and service providers, which includes a brand new COVID-19 support tool.

Our hope is that essential companies and contractors can continue to provide their services while remaining safe.  

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Contractor Safety Data llc.

Bridge the Information Gap

A new Direction in Safety

CSD provides an online tool for contractors and service providers to collect, review, and share safety information. Our service greatly streamlines the contractor review and qualification process and provides an easy-to-use tool to help companies abide by the OSHA Process Safety Management regulation.

Why We Do It:

The Regulation

OSHA Process Safety Management (h)(2)(i)

The employer, when selecting a contractor, shall obtain and evaluate information regarding the contract employer’s safety performance and programs.


Collect your information in our safe cloud storage.


Review your information to ensure reliability.


Share with those you work for.

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